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Our CORE Principles

Fiscal Responsibility

We want to make Nelson more affordable. Wasting taxpayer dollars is a bigger problem than the total amount of tax we pay. We believe that if Council was fiscally efficient, effective, and responsible, we will make Nelson a more affordable city.

Core Service Focus

We want to make city council more responsible, and focus on providing core services. A city has basic services and infrastructure to provide, and until all of those are in order, we believe that it is wasteful and counterproductive to launch new (often unsupported) projects. This will make Nelson a more responsible city.

Economic Growth

We want to foster economic growth and create a more resilient city. Taxes are paid by people with jobs, and we believe that the city should start with the default position of saying ‘Yes’ when an entrepreneur wants to invest in Nelson, bringing jobs and economic vitality to the region. We can be a more resilient city.

Civic Pride

We want to restore pride in our community and make our city more livable and vibrant. We believe in helping citizens restore a sense of pride in their city. Upkeep of amenities and gardens, Christmas lights downtown in the winter, support for festivals, cleaning and painting downtown buildings, snow removal, and street-sweeping: all of these and more make Nelson a more livable place for residents and an attractive place for visitors.

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