CORE welcomes Travis Hauck as their fourth candidate for Nelson City Council

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NELSON – Local non-profit event organizer and avid cyclist Travis Hauck has been endorsed by CORE to run for Nelson City Council under their banner in the upcoming civic election.

Hauck is self-employed, and has a long history in the retail industry in Nelson, and has a passion for outdoor activities. Seeing the positive impacts on the economy and civic pride in those outdoor events spurred him to decide to run for council.

“In addition to organizing events, I’m a participant,” he explained. “When I’m at a mountain bike race in another community, I see hundreds of visitors enjoying these mountain towns, and supporting the local economy, and I wonder why Nelson isn’t doing the same thing all year long.”

Hauck said that those events not only bring people to town, they bring joy and excitement to the people who already live there, boosting civic pride and making the place more liveable and enjoyable.

“There’s of course much more to municipal politics than events and tourism, and I’m eager to be part of a team that has a diverse perspective on the City’s leadership and direction,” he said.

Hauck has called Nelson home since 1999, and is married with two young kids. The future of Nelson for those kids is a big part of the reason he’s chosen to step forward to run at this time.

“When I told a few friends I was thinking about running, there response at first was ‘you don’t have time for that!’, but then I think about the kind of place I want Nelson to be for my kids, and I decided that I’ll find a way to make it work,” he explained.

After seeing the news about the first three CORE candidates – Michelle Hillaby, Stephanie Wiggins, and Cal Renwick – Hauck saw that the group had the diversity and drive for change that he wanted, so running with the group became the natural decision.

“This is totally new to me, and I’ve got a ton to learn, and I’m looking forward to working with my new CORE colleagues and talking to people all around Nelson to hear about how they want to see their City move forward.”

September 8, 2018
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